the zero to hero incubator

a 6 week coach-sulting program that helps you develop your scalable signature offering, product, or package
as the foundations & cash injection
for your timeproof legacy





Go from “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing”
to proudly shouting off the rooftops
“I’m a pro & worth your money any time of the year”

This isn’t just another program.
I’m sure you’ve heard that one before.

There’s a reason why it’s called the INCUBATOR.

Businesses aren’t a fill in the blanks type process.
There’s no one size fits all.
Just like there are no one size fits all humans.

When we create a business, we’re birthing a living process that converts one resource into another. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

So this Incubator is the intentional container, guide, and structure for you to grow your Heroic Business.

90% of the courses and programs and coaches you’ve invested in before?

All about marketing. In their own different ways, and angles, and tactics.

Trust me – I’ve been there.

Bought a good amount of programs thinking “this is it! THIS one will give me the clarity I need!”

Because it’s all so written beautifully, packaged so nicely. It promises big results and awesome transformations.

And maybe if I actually HAD a business, those strategies would indeed skyrocket my success.

The problem was that I had NO business.

There was nothing to apply those brilliant ideas and tactics to.


There was just me and my skills and my passions.

I ended up spinning my wheels.
Trying to launch “imperfectly” – something, ANYTHING! – just to get people in the door.
A scrappy website here.
A few lives there.
A summit talk.
A freebie.
A course.
A newsletter.
A facebook group.

I did the market research.
I made the packages.
I created the connections.
I posted the value-based posts.

Still no bites. Nothing. Crickets. Spinning my wheels. Getting oh-so-close to the sale, but still no cigar.


You can see how ALL of those tactics above are all about marketing. Look through everything you’ve ever bought to help you create your business. 80-90% are likely marketing tactics. 

You start the training, course, coaching service – you know, the one that teaches you a marketing tactic – and end up feeling like you have to redo your entire business and even your values just to fit into THEIR strategy.

You end up feeling like you have to start from scratch every single time.

Rehauling all of your operations, branding, mindset, you name it. Like you have to learn something new just to ‘keep up’.

The reality is – if you have a scalable signature offer that was created not from trends but from your own skills, expertise, and experience, you can package that up in an unlimited amount of ways.

let me show you how
client examples

A yoga teacher and healer developed a collection of meditations to transform any state of mind within three minutes.

She was then able to create:

  • a freebie
  • a book
  • an app
  • a weekly meditation membership
  • one on one counsels with a custom 3 minute meditation homework for 40 days
  • a workshop & signature talk
  • a corporate program for high level executives
  • and an entire teacher certifcation program for all industries

A director developed a web-series to pitch to TV.

He turned that into:

  • a monthly membership with exclusive & BTS content
  • a low-tier merch shelf
  • a high-fashion line
  • spin-off scripts & movies
  •  with the goal of creating a fan conference

All of which allows him to personally donate a portion of his income regularly.



And it’s not about ‘just doing the work’ or ‘showing up daily’ or ‘authentically aligned actions’.
Which are all great tactics. But not enough.

It’s about a very specific order of natural progression of action steps, reflection, and revision that build on each other.


It’s about leveraging our natural psychology in combination with core business principles that date back to our ancestors using beads as a form of money.


And finally – it’s about how the big picture relates to our business, and how we fit into both the modern times and working towards the type of future we want to see.

I won’t promise 10k months, or even 5 new clients in a month.

But I will promise that whatever you create in the Incubator will lay the foundations for the next 10 years of your business.

the details

You WILL have one solid offering that you can pitch guilt-free, WITHOUT posting like crazy on social media, without cold emailing, without running ads, without making a course, without creating a freebie.

Here are the tangible details:

  • 5 Modules
  • 5 1×1 Written Consulting Reviews/Feedback on each Module’s homework
  • 6 Weekly Group Calls
  • 6 Hot-Seat Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited chat support within the FB group

What we’ll cover

  • Mindset
  • Values
  • Your Core Offering
  • Niche/Market
  • Value Ladder
  • Pricing
  • Budgeting
  • Business Basics
  • Selling
And probably even more.

Module One:
Values & Principles

Even when creating a business just to make money and earn a living, having a clearly defined set of morals to guide decisions is important. But even more so when creating a heroic do-gooder business that creates a long-lasting impact.

There are very specific questions to ask yourself as a business owner, as an employee, and as a leader – the questions you may not think to ask or be afraid to answer on your own.

Together we’ll clear the field of any limiting mindsets with science & psychology and drill down to core principles and crack clearly define your altrustic and selfish why.

Module Two:
Getting Real

No matter what you do, who you work for, what your market is – there’s a very unique and specific set of skills & talents you bring to the table, as well as flaws and weaknesses.

When it comes to business, it’s important to put a realistic value on your energy and how it translates to money. It’s all dependent on the unique combination that is YOU. Once you have that in place, you’ll know what your true output is & how to never over-extend or under-value yourself in ANY situation.

You’ll find out things about yourself you never knew you could monetize, and reveal blindspots that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential in business.

Module Three:
Ideal Client

Everyone is talking about ‘define your ideal client and the money will come’. Yet no one actually knows how to do that in YOUR specific situation…

It’s not about client avatars, profiles, or demographics. It’s not about fixing a specific subset of problems within a certain market. It’s not about ‘niching down’.

I’ll tell you what it’s about – in this module 😉

There’s no ‘big secret’ – but it is a unique process for every individual and business, and even product. You’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders once we work through this together.

Module Four:

Only when you’ve got the first three pillars developed can you start to think about WHAT you offer, as an individual or as a business. Otherwise you will keep re-building and re-writing.

It’s human nature to chase after novelty – so what you enjoyed doing last year may not be lighting you up today. In 5 years, you don’t want to look back and think how many years you wasted building the wrong business.

The world is also evolving much rapidly than ever. So rather than chasing trends and hacks, they key is to create a signature offering that is infinitely flexible and adaptable to any circumstance or customer, fully aligned with your values.

Module Five:
Business Building

Finally we can get to the practical stuff.

Legal & financial protection is important, so we cover these usually dry topics in a way that you can get excited about and understand how it relates to you specifically – beyond “don’t wanna get sued”.

Now that you have something to sell – it’s time to sell it. I’ll teach you how to do that WITHOUT going online or feel guilty, sleazy, or like you have to be “louder than everyone else”.

one-on-one help

There’s nothing worse than buying a program that’s supposed to help you create something unique and aligned with YOU – only to get ‘generic’ help, or none at all.

The modules have enough high-level strategy to be applied to anyone and be effective, but you need a way to apply them to YOUR business.

That’s why you get hot-seat coaching, a unique group call format every week, and unlimited 1×1 chat support from me!

best part is

10% of all profits will be donated to a well-vetted non-profit the speakers vote on!

So hop on board!

what are you waiting for?!

what people say…

Completely supportive and wants to see her clients succeed truely

It was so easy and fun to work with Anastasiya. Completely at ease and felt like milling over ideas, strategies with a super smart but awesome friend.

The ideas, the worksheets to open my mind and the resources you offered where absoultely amazing and so helpful. I also just truly enjoy the connection and helping me to dive into myself deeper to really learn how to go about my business from different angles, that I hadn’t opened myself up to before.

Anastasiya is down to earth and never made me feel less if I didn’t know how to do something or didn’t know about something.

Jenny, Studio 208 bags

Super insightful – smart – pragmatic

I rely and embrace the thoughts Anastasiya has as they are spot on… She really has a great brain and acumen for business

TJ Scott, tv Director

Her enthusiasm is infectious,

Anastasiya has a lot of energy that she directs into her communication.

She is a problem-solver who is truly interesting in serving and inspiring others along with expressing her own creativity.