build a timeproof legacy that creates a positive & productive impact on the world

One Day Only – Monday May 4th 2020

Sometimes in the pursuit of money we forget about the big picture.
Or we’re so dedicated to our mission to that forget to take care of ourselves.

And what is that they say on airplanes?

Put The Oxygen Mask On Yourself First”

But then don’t forget to look out for others too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a business that pays you well, fully confident you’re making a positive productive impact on the world?


It’s possible to find a sustainable balance in business

 And we’ll prove it too.

Learn how experts across all industries and niches are transforming the world through their profitable passion-driven business.

By taking control of their most valuable resources:

time, energy, and money.


And how YOU can do the same too.

This event isn’t about YET ANOTHER high level strategy or tactic to make 5 figure months.


Instead, we want to inspire you with our stories and examples of successful passion businesses that fund our desire to better the world.


You’ll walk away with at least one business model you align with and one easy-to-implement practical and impactful action step from each speaker.

But inspiration isn’t the only thing we’re about.  

we cover your business basics.

 No matter what business model, industry, or market, every speaker brings you practical knowledge if you’re just starting out or a fresh perspective to uplevel your current business across all areas.

‘Nuff Said! This Sounds AMAZING! I’m IN!

Gimme all the details… where, who, why!


The details: where

the league of extraordinary hero-preneurs

A live FB group + 72 hour replay
Join the conversation live
in the facebook group

followed by weekly accountability threads & free trainings

You will also have access to the recordings without joining the group for 36 hours.

The details: who

limiting beliefs

Overcome Self-doubt And Start Changing The World

Sanja Tully

life empowerment Coach

Alaska, USA


Not a born Leader?
No Excuse.

Jacquelyn Diana

Leadership coach

Chino Hills CA, USA

success patterns

Reprogram Your Subconscious
Mind for Success 

Daina Hazel Miley

Lawyer, Psychotherapist

Sunshine Coast, Australia

smash through overwhelm and reignite your energy

Theresa lambert

high-achiever coach 

whistler, Canada


Coming out the other side in one piece 

Tracey Milligan

Thriving CEO

Oakland, California, USA

aligned passion

Following your passion will lead you to success!

aleksandra nikaj

Financial Manager & Certified Accountant

Shkoder, Albania


Environmental & human sustainability in business

shipla s

Founder of ‘FORBHUVI’

Hyderabad, India

business foundations

build a timeproof and profitable legacy

anastasiya Gendelman

business strategist

los angeles, ca


Simple Shifts To Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

Fernanda Burneo

ceo, sustainability constultant


business model

How to profit from
your unique purpose

Sara Oberrauch & Taisiya Lebedeva

Neuroscientist & Branding Specialist

Melbourne, Australia

trademark & copyright

The importance of Brand Protection from the start

Nuzayra Haque

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Los angeles, CA

Money management


dawn kennedy

Financial Coach & Strategist

columbus, OH


Create and Manage Your Own Website Design

Sara Sanguino

Brand & Web Design Expert

toronto, canada


Connecting To Success: Optimising Productivity & Potential

carlie guy

Success & Business Connection Consultant


Your Host

Anastasiya Gendelman

Business operations consultant

I believe that massive global change can be created through business; through an abundance of money and effective application of human resources (time, energy, skill, inspiration, intelligence).

Armed with a degree in Entertainment Business, Anastasiya is a business systems strategist & multi-media producer with a love for efficiency, elegance, & unconventional perspectives. She has managed businesses for Emmy Award-winning directors, global spiritual leaders, developed creative projects involving stars like Jason Momoa & Laura Vandervoort, and consulted on 6-figure ventures.

Anastasiya’s passion lies in helping ambitious creative hero-preneurs who need more time and sanity in their lives streamline and scale their ventures with ease, so they can focus on the things that really matter.

Who Should Attend?

This event is open to everyone interested in building, growing, and improving their Heroic business!

 Whether you are a . . .

  • Small Business Owner
  • CEO or Executive
  • Employee at a Corporation
  • Side-Hustler
  • Freelancer
  • Or finally taking your income in your own hands by starting your own business…
. . . this summit will radically transform the way you approach business.

Join the us on May 4th for

The details: when & why

may the fourth be with you

A one day online event
Power of the Collective
aka the maharishi effect

When a large group of people focus on a single intention at the exact same time, massive shifts happen in the entire world.

Whether you believe it’s the doing of a Collective Consciousness, God-Source, or Science – the practical proof is in the pudding ➤


For deeper research, look up Maharishi Effect



It’s so last minute, there’s no ‘I’ll do it later’.

It’s Now or Never!

There’s no postponing your business, your grand idea, your world-shaking dream!


Coming together on one day, our collective intention of committing to ONE simple action step to transform our business into a Heroic Business, we will start the new wave of Hero-Preneurs, committed to living the change we want to see in the world – in work and in play!


This is truly an event where “May the Force be with you” couldn’t be more applicable!

Join the us on May 4th for

what’s the catch?


This event is free for all
But since you asked…
the heroic business bundle is available for a massive discount!

$997 early bird discount $497

regularly $4,096++


perfect for anyone who is either starting a new venture, ‘pivoting’ online, or need more intentional clarity for radical results.



The Zero to Hero for Hire Incubator


with Anastasiya Gendelman

  • 5 Module Real Business Foundations Course
  • 5 Personal Written Feedback of Module Work
  • 6 Hot Seat Consulting calls
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls
  • 6 Weeks of 1×1 Unlimited Chat Consults


(regularly over $5,500)

  1. Trademark Search & Filing for $200
    • with Lawyer Nuzayra Haque
    • regularly $1,500
  2. Graphic Design Package & Instagram Growth Hacking
    • Neuroscientist Sara Oberrauch & Designer Taisiya Lebedeva
    • regularly $500
  3. Generate Leads with Style – Funnel Package
    • with Brand Agency Founder Sara Sanguino
    • regularly $300
  4. Free Your Mind Coaching Program
    • with Empowerment Coach Sanja Tully
    • regularly $425
  5. Rapid Fire Recharge Coaching Package
    • with Transformation Coach Theresa Lambert
    • regularly $997 CAD
  6. 45 Min Profit-Pivot Strategy Call
    • with Wealth Expert Dawn Kennedy
    • regularly $397
  7. 45 Min Flash Coaching Consult + Productivity Journal
    • with Consultant Carlie Jayne Guy
    • regularly $497
  8. 1 Hour Leadership Strategy Session
    • with Leadership Coach Jacqueline Rodriguez
    • regularly $197
  9. Reprogramming for Success Hypnosis Recordings
    • with Lawyer & Psychotherapist Daina Hazel Miley
    • regularly $110 AUD
  10. Order an Artisan Custom Designed Hand-Woven Stoles
    • from the FORBHUVI store by Shilpa
    • 25% off
  11. Discount on Sustainable Alternatives
    • from the Kikuyo store by Fernanda Burneo
    • 25% off
  12. Layaway with no contract fee!
    • from TermPayments by Tracey Milligan
    • value of $150

what people say…

about all of our speakers

Super insightful – smart – pragmatic

I rely and embrace the thoughts Anastasiya has as they are spot on… She really has a great brain and acumen for business

TJ Scott, tv Director

eye opening and pivotal to break through mental blocks

Dawn’s objective overview of business combined with her financial know-how eased my mind of the burdens I was carrying. The fear of what next, what am I spending and how am I going to organise this. These fears were alleviated in working with her, allowing me to feel calm and confident.

Raveet, Neet Nutrition

my “IP guru”

Ms. Haque’s ability to think outside of the box and obtain registrations with the USPTO and US Copyright Office, especially in the gray area of the cannabis industry, is second to none

SAMUEL COOLEY, cooley law

A walking encyclopedia

 Nuzayra is a total professional. Had a consultation with her regarding trademarks and IP protection in the cannabis industry and she had a response to every question I had almost immediately. Her knowledge and expertise is endless.

RIDWAN AKSAD, CBD Phytoceutical

Her enthusiasm is infectious,

Anastasiya has a lot of energy that she directs into her communication.
She is a problem-solver who is truly interesting in serving and inspiring others along with expressing her own creativity.

Guruka S, SikhNet, Founder

helped me get back on track

Theresa helped me in realize my bigger issues and overcome them in easy, manageable steps. I’m now crushing the goals I set months ago and wish there were more hours in a day because productivity is through the roof.

luke mcdowell, entrepreneur

such a rare gift and something that just can’t be taught

My favorite thing about Jessica is her creative eye and that she takes total ownership of everything she does.
She takes responsibility for increasing the success of our business.



When is the event?

One Day Only! Can’t forget it – MAY the FOURTH be with you!

Will there be a recording?

The videos will be freely available for 72 hours to keep up the Power of the Collective

Where do I contact support?

Email us at

Are the presentations live?

Due to the FLASH nature of our event, all session are pre-recorded to provide the best experience within the group conversations.

Are you still accepting speakers?

Not for this round, but we are looking to turn this into a live event next year so please reach out! We’re also starting our Heroic Business podcast in the Summer and are always looking for business to feature and inspiring stories to tell.

Is this summit accessible? Are videos captioned?

Notes will be available for each presentation with our upgrade options that you’ll see after registering for the event. Please reach out if there’s anything we can do to ensure you’re able to enjoy this event.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

You are going to LOVE the Heroic Business Bundle . We are not offering refunds due to the nature of the deliverables being video, training, and services. That said, we are customer-focused and if you ask before the event starts, we will do everything we can to take great care of you.

May the force be with you