Dayana Mayfield

Dayana Mayfield is a strategic conversion copywriter who serves big name SaaS clients and offers private coaching & consulting for freelancers who need to up their online presence through storytelling.


Dayana was always on the go, working for clients day in and day out, never having the time to focus on upleveling her services. She was working with companies, that paid but the bills, but were unfulfilling, doing work that was not in alignment with her true calling.


We worked with Dayana to refresh her website presence, which allowed her to raise her prices significantly and attract big name companies, like Drift, freeing up more time for her to focus on developing the business she actually wanted to build.

Continuing to work with us, we developed several courses & trainings, evolving her expert status on social media and in press.


Anastasiya is a talented designer that really understands the power of branding

I went from having a brand that didn’t really connect well my target client (tech founders and marketers) to having an online presence that helps me stand out as an authority in a crowded space. From my website to my email optin freebies, I now look like the tech and SaaS copywriting expert that I am. Best of all, I attract much higher quality leads than before working with Anastasiya.

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Tech & Admin Assistance

 By handing off tedious administrative and technical tasks to us, Dayana could focus on the real money-making and passion-driven tasks that grow her business – rather than waste hours between writing emails, squashing tech bugs, and googling around just to figure out how to use a new tech tool.

the blockbuster

Professional Website

Through a full website refresh, along with additional pages, we re-positioned Dayana from a freelancer to an expert in her field, attracting corporate & SaaS clients to pay her packaged asking rates.

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Commerce Funnel

When Dayana was ready to launch her Tiny Offer Outreach Wins System, we developed a complete high-converting funnel from opt-in to purchase that complimented her already valuable course.

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