Linda Rose

Linda Rose

Intuitive Akashic readings & herbal healing

Linda Rose Insights offers intuitive healing to tap into client’s energy to help navigate relationships, life’s purpose and self-discovery. Working with Oracle Cards, Akashic records and the natural healing power of herbs to support and restore balance in the emotional & physical body.

Linda was embarking on a new journey of entrepreneurship and was looking for solid foundations to uplevel her business for massive future growth.

We worked with Linda to create custom & hyper-aligned branding from scratch, developed a website to showcase her service, story, and ongoing adventures through an easy to edit blog, wrapping up with a freebie funnel – making sure Linda was all set with the foundations for a quickly scalable business and room to grow with ecommerce on WordPress.

We started with a deep dive branding intensive to hone in on Linda’s vision, avoiding any ‘trendy’ fads to ensure the longevity and uniqueness of her specific brand. Using the brand assets generating we continued on to create a bespoke website, guiding the copy with content prompts and inspiring with hands-on co-creating with Linda. Finally, we set up the tech for a simple email marketing funnel and designed the lead magnet + emails.


Basic Branding

Standard Website

Freebie Funnel

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