Masonry Methods

Masonry Methods

sustainable & economical construction via masonry

Founded in 2020, Masonry Methods was created to pioneer the reintroduction of curved structural masonry. Gabriel is a registered Professional Engineer, and has recently returned to California after completing the PhD program in Structural Mechanics at Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy.

Combining his background in physics, construction, engineering and research, Gabriel’s long-term objective is to reintroduce structural masonry as a viable alternative to modern construction techniques.

Gabriel needed a landing page to secure federal science grants and investor funding, and as per the Heroic way – we not only creates a functional site, but one with form and style. We went all the way in showcasing their unique focus on curved masonry, while maintaining a professional style. We also visually showcased what is usually dry research language as interesting and engaging moments to better understand the whole of Masonry Method’s vision.


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