Pretty Gritty

Pretty Gritty

Anthology of Curious Love Stories

Meet Dylan Blue played by Nicolette Noble and Blake Zephyr played by Stephanie Moore.

In a unique twist on story-telling, these characters are different in every episode of this ‘Anthology of Curious Love Stories’.

Find that concept a bit ‘outside the box‘? It is. But, if you like to color outside the lines, break rules, take the path less traveled, then we think you might just like their Pretty Gritty world.

Due to the more risque and arthouse visuals of the show, Pretty Gritty wanted a self-hosted solution for fans to stream their videos and access exclusive content, to avoid other streaming service limitations as well as control revenue.

It was also important for the team to showcase the other artists involved in the show, such as the musicians & designers, so we built an affiliate program to sell the soundtrack directly on the site & share revenue. And of course no artist site is complete without a merch section, so we created a store experience for both merch and high-end prints.


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