TJ Scott

TJ Scott is a major award winning Director/Writer/Executive Producer and Photographer,  best known for his signature visual storytelling on hit series such as ‘StarTrek,  ‘Gotham’, ‘Spartacus’ ,  ‘Black Sails’, ‘The Strain’  ‘Longmire’ ‘Orphan Black’,  ‘V-Wars’,  ‘Doom Patrol’, ‘Constantine’, ‘Frontier’,  ‘The Mist’ , ‘Hemlock Grove… all the way back to Xena:Warrior Princes and La Femme Nikita.

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Single page portfolio

TJ needed a portfolio that spoke in his own medium – visual media. Rather than a list of credits and explanation of his career, copying what anyone looking at his IMDB would see, we let his work speak for itself, with additional single pages for further curious explorations.

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